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About Us

We provide accessibility to quality legal advice and services in relation to all Family Law and Domestic Violence matters at an affordable cost Litigation can be personally draining and costly.  We aim to shield you from this experience and cost as much as possible.

Our goal from the start is provide you with clear advice to enable you to make decisions.   We will advise you in relation to the likely outcome for your matter and assist you to successfully navigate each stage of the Family Law and/or Domestic Violence process to achieve the fairest and most practical outcome possible, whilst avoiding or minimising the Court process.

We develop a relationship with you and understand your needs on both a personal and professional level.  We will support you through a caring one-on-one approach and will listen to you, understand you and exercise care and compassion in all our dealings with you.

You will receive a tailored solution to “fit” your situation and be kept informed as to what is happening every step of the way at an affordable cost.

We also provide agency services to other law firms.


Contact us to assist you with your Family Law or Domestic Violence matter. 

We are available 24/7 for urgent situations.


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Cathryn Zampatti

Cathryn Zampatti is the principal of Zampatti Lawyers.  She was admitted to legal practice as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland in November 2018 and to the High Court of Australia in January 2020.  Cathryn is experienced in and specialises in dealing with Family Law and Domestic Violence matters.  Cathryn’s legal experience is complimented by a wealth of life experience including 18 years service in the Western Australia Police Service.  This experience includes working as a District Domestic Violence Officer which adds to her strength as an advocate in relation to Domestic Violence matters.

Cathryn is committed to achieving the best outcome possible for her clients and values client relationships always ensuring that she is available to clients and keeping them informed in relation to their matters.

As well as providing affordable legal services, Cathryn offers appointments to clients at several office locations during business hours as well as being able to come to you or work with you remotely both in and outside of usual business hours and is available 24/7 in urgent situations.

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